Android 14 is expected to bring new features such as platform stability, lock screen designs and customization options, toggle design update, new navigation tutorial, additional settings in the Developer menu options, font size shortcut in the Quick Settings, list of apps that change location data access, separate settings for Languages and Keyboard¹. Android 14 also enables you to turn on camera flashes and screen flashes for incoming notifications². It will let you set the first three preferences and provide a Grammatical Inflection API so translated / localized apps can address people without potentially insulting them. Play lossless audio on USB headphones without missing calls³.

By now, Android 14 is releasing on Google Pixel and being test.

OxygenOS 14 has not been released. However, I can provide you with some general features that are typically associated with OxygenOS, the operating system developed by OnePlus for their smartphones. Here are some features commonly found in OxygenOS:

  1. Smooth and Fast Performance: OxygenOS is known for its optimized performance, offering a smooth and fast user experience on OnePlus devices.
  2. Customization Options: OxygenOS provides a wide range of customization options, allowing users to personalize their device’s appearance, such as changing the theme, icon packs, and fonts.
  3. Gesture Controls: OxygenOS supports gesture-based navigation, which enables users to navigate their device using swipes and gestures rather than traditional buttons.
  4. Reading Mode: This feature adjusts the display settings to make reading easier on the eyes, reducing blue light and optimizing contrast for enhanced reading comfort.
  5. Gaming Mode: OxygenOS includes a dedicated gaming mode that prioritizes system resources for gaming, blocks notifications, and provides a better gaming experience overall.
  6. Zen Mode: Zen Mode encourages users to take a break from their devices by disabling non-essential features for a specified period. It helps promote digital well-being and reduce smartphone addiction.
  7. System Updates: OnePlus regularly provides system updates for OxygenOS, which often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and occasionally introduce new features.

Please note that these features may be subject to change, and for the latest and most accurate information on OxygenOS 14 features, I recommend referring to official OnePlus announcements or checking the OnePlus website.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 6/29/2023
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